Filmconvert by Rubber Monkey Software is a must have for low budget filmmaker it gives us the ability to emulate film stock with our digital footage. I have been using this software for a few months now and I would say it is worth the $199 price tag for the standalone. I love the way this program is simple to use but produce great film stock emulations without spending thousands of dollars for Dark Energy Professional.

FilmConvert : Film footage was processed at Park Road Post and scanned at Weta Digital using an Arriscan at 4k. Here is a demonstration of the software:

 To get this software click on this link:

If you would like to know more about the Arriscan visit this website/pdf:

FilmConvert: the Best Film Stock Emulator You’ve Ever Seen
September 23th, 2012 No Film School
We’ve said a lot about the digital versus film debate, and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. Film still had a technological advantage over digital until really the last few years or so, and now we have digital sensors which can match or exceed film stocks with dynamic range. Either way, with digital sensors being “too clean” for some people who have loved the look of film, there is a program called FilmConvert that takes the color information of specific cameras and actually uses that to determine how a specific film stock could best be represented using that sensor. Click through for some videos of the program in action.

An important next step in transitioning from FILM to DIGITAL CINEMA: FilmConvert

This is what Vincent Laforet the man that started the DLSR revoution with his short called Reverie in september 2012 said “I love film.Most of us love film. In fact when I told my father I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a photographer (my father was a photographer for Gamma Press, and then the Director of Photography and principle photographer for Premiere Magazine in France) more than 22 years ago – he was so against the idea, that he sent me to the 3 consecutive darkrooms over 3 summers, to try to dissuade me from my career choice… The first summer was spent in a black and white darkroom with one of the top french master printers, named Guy Ben… the next summer was C-41 and C-41 printing… the last was at an E-6 lab, where I learned to process the film, and also Cibachrome printing… after 3 summers, he finally gave me his blessing because his efforts to dissuade me had failed… These days, I hate to say it, but I do get frustrated when I see the Kodak ads in film trade publications. Not because I think they are wrong or irrelevant. But because I feel like they’re not only losing sight of the bigger picture (and the inevitable realities) but also ignoring the potential of what is truly out there…” 

Don’t get me wrong if you had $13,000 for the Dark Energy Professional you should defiantly get it. Movies like Act of Valor use this and the movie looks amazing considering It was mainly shot oh Canon 5D mark II.  Here a link to Shane Hurlbut blog which Mike McCarthy, explains:

Act of Valor

When it comes to pros I wish I was these guys.